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Cueing in to Your Eating Patterns

Julie A. Smith, MS, RD   Ultimately, conscious eating involves being aware and, above all, truly enjoying your food. When someone is trying to lose weight, one common piece of advice is “Eat only when you are hungry.” It sounds simple enough, but the reasons that people eat can be very complex, and many have nothing at all to do with hunger. Our internal cues are influenced by all... »

Does Social Anxiety Hold You Back?

Dave Turo-Shields, ACSW, LCSW   In the “Anxiety Disorders” section of the manual entitled “Diagnostic Criteria from DSM IV,” which is used for the diagnosis of mental health conditions, there are 12 anxiety diagnoses covered. The fifth, and what may appear to be a soft diagnosis, is Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder). In contrast to “Post Traumatic Stress Di... »

4 Techniques To Fire Up Your Motivation

Hilda Johnson-Slaton   “Pay no attention to what the critics say… no statue has ever been erected to a critic.” – Jean Sibelius   Live Your Life To The Fullest! Are there times in your life when you really want to call it “quits” because you just can’t see any good results from all the hard work you’re doing? It’s so difficult to go on when every... »

Food Habits That Make You Fat

Julia Denham   Weight loss can be challenging because we have a whole series of habits which we’ve build up around food and dieting. If you can identify some of your bad food habits, and get into the habit of challenging them, weight loss will become much easier. One of the reasons diet programs work so well is that they help you to create new food habits. If you are not in a program ho... »

Four Words That Create Unstoppable Power & Success

Allan Boshell   “What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.” — Aristotle   Did you ever stop and wonder what life would be like if Wilbur and Orville Wright hadn’t given us the airplane? What about Thomas Edison and the light bulb? Helen Keller was deaf and blind before the age of two.Yet she accomplished great works that have benefited other... »

It’s Not My Banana – The Art of Letting Go

Bobbie Baxter   Over the years, many elaborate traps have been devised to capture monkeys in the wild. Often, no matter how imaginative the various devises have been, the crafty little creatures outwit the traps and escape. It has been said the easiest way to trap one of these cunning creatures is to simply set a banana inside a closed cage with just enough space between the bars to allow the... »

Forgiveness Can Change Your Life

Sandy Andrew   Do you really want to hang on to hate and anger? Here’s how to let go and be at peace. Have you ever experienced an event in your life that you can’t seem to forget? It agitates you and angers you when you recall and dwell on the memory. Perhaps someone did one of the following to you – stole from you, misled or cheated you, even abused or lied to you. And you want ... »

Doorknobs and TV Remotes are Germ Hotbeds

Marilynn Marchone   Someone in your house have the sniffles? Watch out for the refrigerator door handle. The TV remote, too. A new study finds that cold sufferers often leave their germs there, where they can live for two days or longer. Scientists at the University of Virginia, long known for its virology research, tested surfaces in the homes of people with colds and reported the results Tu... »

Einstein’s Formula for Success

Ron White   “Letting others control your destiny is like letting the waiter eat your lunch.”  – Author unknown Albert Einstein had a formula for success. Can you believe that? One of the greatest minds of all time developed a math formula for success! I suggest you read this carefully — this may be the most important math equation that you will ever see. Einstein said, “If A... »

Being an Emotional Victim

Dr. Margaret Paul   This article discusses being a victim vs. being in personal power. We are being victims anytime we give another person the power to define our worth.“Whenever we choose to find our happiness and safety through others, then we have to try to control them to give us what we want. Then, when they don’t come through for us in the way we hoped they would, we feel victimiz... »

Are You Wired to Worry?

Marcelle Pick   “People become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burdens are attached to them.” —George Bernard Shaw   There is no shortage of anxious, worried people. Of course, we all worry — at least, from time to time. Some worrying is okay — it helps keep you attentive and alert, and ready to tackle life’s little surprises. But if you worry obsessively and are plague... »

You Are Your Habits

Mark Black     A habit is something that we do almost subconsciously because it is so much a part of who we are. You’re looking for significant behaviors rather than activities. Behaviorists and others who study success and human behavior will tell you the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t comes down to what they repeatedly do; their habits. If you have... »

Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Really Work?

Trevor John   We’re creatures of habit and that goes for weight loss as well as other things. A lot of people have a habit of trying to lose weight at the start of the year, probably for about two weeks while their New Year resolutions are still in effect. Others will go for a crash weight loss for a couple of weeks before they are due to appear on the beach for their summer vacation. D... »

Ten Steps to Improved Self-Esteem

Mark Sichel   “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” –Dr. Seuss It’s not vain to think well of yourself – it’s called confidence. And let’s face it — confident people are more attractive. There’s an aura around a person with confidence that suggests glowing co... »

De-Clutter Your House

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.” -Norman Vincent Peale If your family’s mail collects on the dining room table, you need help. That’s where Cynthia Townley Ewer, editor of, can get your New Year’s resolution on track. Ridding the house of junk mail is one of Ewer’s specialties. “The greeting cards, the invitations —... »

Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

Lynn Bode   When we make conscious choices about what we believe, what we do, and what we want, the world becomes ours. — Beckett & Renee The New Year is upon us. If you’re like most Americans (88 percent in 2001 according to a GNC poll), you have at least one resolution. And, if you are like the majority of these promise-makers, your resolution is probably related to health a... »

Smart Snacking Tips That Won’t Break Your Diet

Jeanie Lerche Davis   Fruit smoothies, nachos, frozen yogurt, and other snacks make great healthy — and tasty — treats. Junk food has given snacking a bad name. “Snacking in itself isn’t a bad thing,” says Elaine Magee, PhD, RD, author of numerous nutrition books, including Someone’s in the Kitchen With Mommy and The Good News Eating Plan for Type II Diabet... »

Watering the World

Bob Perks   In a hot, dry season, a tiny drop of kindness makes the world healthier and more hopeful. “It’s time to water the mailman,” I said. The woman standing in line with me at the supermarket pretended not to hear me. When I turned toward her, she nervously looked at me out of the corner of her eye. I smiled. “I do it every year,” I said. She smiled and shr... »

Keys to Fighting Depression

David Faulkner   “Know your enemy.” It was the advice which the great Chinese Warrior Sun Tzu gave to his soldiers on the eve of battle, and which led them to many triumphs. It is also invaluable advice for anyone who is fighting depression. Only those who know the early signs of clinical depression will be in a position to seek treatment before it takes complete control of their ... »

Drop 35 Pounds a Year Just by Changing the Way You Snack

Lee Dobbins   Just because you are watching your weight doesn’t mean you’re not going to eat a snack here and there and, in fact, eating smaller meals or healthy snacks In between meals can actually help boost your metabolism. Even if you’re not on any type of diet plan but still want to drop a few pounds you can do this easily by changing the types of snacks that you eat. L... »

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