How do you know it is time to change?

Sometimes this question is easier to answer than at other times. If your doctor tells you that you have a spot on your lungs and you must quit smoking or die, that could be a good sign the time to change is now. On the other hand, perhaps you have been developing a habit of insomnia over the last 3 years, and it has become increasingly worse and worse. How do you know something needs to be done?


6 Signs that Change is needed NOW

  1. Discomfort: This is the mildest and earliest warning that change is required. The sense that something is not quite right, an inner voice tells you that action is needed. This uncomfortable feeling makes you feel inconsistent with your basic desire to be at peace.
  2. Fear: Much more intense than a mild form of discomfort, fear can manifest as worry, anxiety, panic, fright or even terror.
  3. Frustration: The inner feeling of having been down this road before and still not have arrived at a solution. This feeling can lead to feelings of inadequacy and guilt.
  4. Anger: Knowing you need to change and not being able to accomplish the task can lead to a form of anger. This may manifest as anger toward you, but not always. Increasing amounts of anger towards others could also be a sign that change is needed.
  5. Guilt: Quite often those who are needing some kind of change will undergo some form of guilt for not having made the changes in their life that are really obvious and needed.
  6. Depression/Overwhelm: Advanced stages of long overdue need for change can bring about a feeling of helplessness and feelings of loss of control in one’s life. Loneliness and detachment from others can result. Often people diagnosed as clinically depressed are simply cases where someone has fought change and lost.

Why Can’t I Change?

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