How to Use our Self-Hypnosis Programs

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Congratulations on ordering one of the finest self-hypnosis audio programs on the market.


We at Change For Good™ would like to support you on your path to making permanent change by offering the following suggestions for receiving the greatest benefit from your audio program.


To overwrite a long-term existing habit or behavior, it is important to use your CD or mp3 for as many consecutive days as possible. Twenty-one to thirty days is best. The more times your subconscious mind hears it, the more it will help you.


As with any self-hypnosis program, it is important to listen to it while relaxing in a quiet place that is free from noises, which may distract you or interfere with your ability to stay focused on what is being suggested.  If you find that you are too relaxed and falling asleep, adjust your position so you are not quite so comfortable. It is important that you are able to hear the suggestions being offered to your subconscious mind. The only exception is the Overcoming Insomnia program. You may fall asleep while using this program.


Understanding the power of your subconscious mind


Your subconscious mind retains the memory of everything to which it has ever been exposed, be it a thought, experience, or words it may have heard when you were a mere child. You talk to yourself at a rate of about ten thousand words per minutes. Most of this dialogue or ‘self-talk’ is running below your conscious awareness. It’s happening on a subconscious level where habits and long-term patterns are formed. You are probably experiencing some negative ‘symptoms’ in your life without even being aware of your core issue.


For example, someone may grind their teeth while they are sleeping without even realizing what is causing the stress they are processing. Their subconscious mind has taught their body to hold onto, and process stressful events while they are asleep, even though they are not even consciously aware of what is causing the stress. It all happens at the subconscious level. This is why it is so difficult to break any habit using conscious will power alone. The key to permanent change is to offer the subconscious mind new suggestions through hypnosis, or in this case, self-hypnosis.


Re-writing the program at the subconscious level truly is the key to permanent change. It’s easy and painless. So please use your self-hypnosis program for as many consecutive days as possible. Just listen. The change will naturally happen as your subconscious mind absorbs the new beliefs, which will free you from your negative habit. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help you Change For Good.™


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Change For Good™


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