I’m So Stressed

Life in the fast lane. Stress is all around. How do I get out of this mess? The first thing to realize is the problem is not the issues in your life, rather your response to them. Reducing your stress levels means that you learn to respond to situations in an appropriate manner.

Let’s imagine you are watching a movie in which a character climbs out the window of a 40-story building to escape the bad guy. He does not realize quite yet where he is; however, he is at least safe for the moment. As you watch, you notice how free and easy he is with his movement, and you wonder if he realizes how HIGH up he is? Then, suddenly someone in the movie sees him and yells, “Don’t look down!” What does he do? Right, he looks down. What happens to this imaginary man? You guessed it, he becomes scared, and he clings to the wall. The more he looks down, the more scared he gets.

If you were to try and help this man, what would you do? Would you tell him how far down the fall would be? Would you explain to him that he would be landing on parked cars and most certainly would die? No, not if you wanted to save him. What would you say to help this man? For starters, you would more than likely go to the window. You would encourage him to look at you. To keep his eyes on you (his desire), would be the way to save this scared man. Focusing on what he wants, NOT on what he does not want is the way to get this man off the ledge. One step at a time, focusing on the window, and he is saved. That is how you must save yourself from this stress. To first imagine what it is that you want, then to focus on it… that is how you come down off your own ledge. Imagine, focus, one step at a time.

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