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Letting Go of Anger


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Letting Go of Anger & Living Peacefully Self-Hypnosis mp3

One out of five Americans has a problem controlling anger.  Learn how to let go of anger and frustration easily. Make subconscious changes in the way you respond to people and situations through self-hypnosis. It’s time to live peacefully.

You can make subconscious changes in the way you respond to people and situations

Learn how to let go of your anger using subconscious reprogramming. Listen to our self-hypnosis mp3 and let go of your anger, easily and effortlessly. It is clinically proven to be the most effective way of managing unwanted behavior – including the way you react to people and situations.

It’s time to live peacefully

Anger stems from the need to be in control – control of a situation, a person, or environment. This means an angry person is living their life like an active volcano, erupting all over the people they care about most. Anger is a natural human emotion, which aids the fight or flight mechanism we experience when danger is perceived. The problem is not anger itself; the problem is how we manage our anger.

Angry people live their lives from one explosion to the next. Their first reaction is always an over-reaction. The belief that once I get my way on this matter, I’ll be happy is an illusion.

The need to control is wide spread in the life of an angry person. It never is in just one area or with one person.

Too often, uncontrolled anger becomes a habit, and our normal way of interacting with those around us. Once we gain control of one instance or situation through an angry explosion, something else comes up, then another. There is always some excuse to react angrily.

Now you can learn to control anger so others can feel comfortable being around you. Through repeated use of this mp3, you can learn how to easily let go of anger and frustration using the power of your subconscious mind.


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