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Ocean Walk – Make Exercise a Breeze


Product Description

Take a 15-Minute Ocean Walk – Make Exercise a Breeze! Self-Hypnosis mp3

Walk and Listen! Jump-start your desire to get your body moving and enjoy exercise. Just put on headphones, walk & enjoy exercise…easily.

YES,  it really works Рnaturally!

Using the soothing sounds of the ocean, combined with an upbeat tempo arrangement, this mp3 will get you motivated to move your body.

You can make subconscious changes in the way you feel about exercising.

Use the power of your subconscious mind to increase your motivation to get your body moving. If you just cannot seem motivated yourself to walk, this may be the answer you have been waiting for.

Only 15-minutes in length, this incredible program even reminds you to turn around at the half way point. Great for breaks at work, or anytime you want to get away from it all. Self-hypnosis is clinically proven to be the most effective way to change unwanted behavior – including the way you feel about exercising.


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