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Releasing Chronic Pain


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Releasing Chronic Pain – A Drug-Free Solution Self-Hypnosis mp3

Learn how to send pain-free messages to your brain using self-hypnosis. You can live pain-free if your brain never receives the pain messages. Lean how to control pain – naturally.

Releasing chronic pain – headaches, backaches, and muscle pain – any kind of pain involves the transmission of certain kind of messages from the affected area to the brain. Use this self-hypnosis mp3 to learn how to use self-healing concepts and imagery to block these messages and keep you pain free. Learn how to send naturally occurring endorphins to a painful area to alleviate pain. These are the very same methods used in eastern cultures to walk on coals or lay on a bed of nails. You CAN live pain free if your brain never feels the pain.

First you must understand pain, then you can learn to overcome it

Pain is an emotion. It is not a sense like sight or hearing. It is the opposite of pleasure. Through the years we have used the word pain to describe our lives. We say, “he is a real pain in the neck,” or “it pains me to tell you this…” or we might refer to a specific type of pain like a “broken heart.” These metaphors are more than a matter of speech. It describes the relationship that exists between the mind and the body – especially as it relates to pain.


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