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Rise Above Depression


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Rise Above Depression – Feel Free Again! Self-Hypnosis mp3

It’s time to rise above depression and feel free again – naturally. It’s clinically proven to help you feel better – fast.

You can make subconscious changes in the way you interpret events

Learn how to rise above depression using subconscious reprogramming. Listen to our self-hypnosis mp3 and learn a new way of reacting to life events and situations, easily and effortlessly. It is clinically proven to be the most effective way of managing unwanted behavior – including the way you view and process feelings and the events in your life.

It’s time to feel free again

Depression strikes about 19 million American adults each year. So if you suffer from any level of depression, you are not alone. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it’s the fourth leading public health concern in the world.

Feelings of depression are by-products of fear, worry, stressful events, loss, or a feeling of separation from our social or family networks, to list just a few examples. Concentrating on a problem and blowing it up out of proportion can create depression. Thoughts spiral downward and leave the sufferer with a feeling that a situation is hopeless and without the possibility of improving.

Through the use of subconscious trans-personal therapy, your thoughts can be transformed and, with repeated use of our self-hypnosis mp3, you can release the feelings of depression. While depression may be created by the way we interpret our thoughts, these are learned behaviors that can be modified and corrected.


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