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Sleep – Overcoming Insomnia


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Restoring Restful & Healing Sleep – Ending Insomnia Self-Hypnosis mp3

America’s #1 Drug-free sleep solution. Stop wasting time and money on unhealthy products that simply do not work! Has the stress of life begun to rob you of precious sleep? Deep, restoring and restful sleep is essential to your peace and well being and can be achieved easily and naturally.

More than one third of the population suffers from chronic insomnia, restless legs, and other sleep disorders.  This very debilitating syndrome can rob a person of their daily energy and leave them ineffective and sometimes even clinically depressed. Deep, restoring and restful sleep is essential to your peace and well being. It is also the best ammunition there is against disease and illness.

Learn the secret to deep-restoring and restful sleep!

Our Restoring Restful Sleep and Ending Insomnia mp3, was designed using state of the art techniques in subliminal and post hypnotic suggestions. Gentle sound effects such as heartbeats, breathing and music are professionally blended in a way that will lull you into a gentle and peaceful sleep. By giving new directions to your subconscious mind new subconscious inner dialogue can be learned in a very short time. It is clinically proven to be the most effective alternative method of solving insomnia restless sleep syndrome.



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