Rewriting the Program

Your subconscious mind does not care if you smoke. It is just carrying out orders. In order to change, you need to rewrite the program. This is true for ANY type of behavior modification or change in thought process. Old programs can easily be rewritten if you follow the basic rules of change.

5 Steps to Create Lasting Change

  1. Find the Program: Understand that you are running a program and that it has a purpose. Don’t look for logic in the conventional sense. You do whatever it is you are doing, for a reason. The quickest way to discovery is to find out exactly how you feel. Step back from the problem. Is the action or thought filling a need? Does it make me feel whole in some way? Am I frustrated? What really frustrates me? Using self inquiry, you will eventually find some value in what you are doing, the equivalent of some good.Examples:


                 Reaction / Benefit

Smoking cigarettes

                     Feeling of freedom / relaxation


                  Sense of unfinished business / keep thinking


                    Feeling victimized / need for retaliation

Anxiety / Panic

                            Fear of unknown / need to be on guard

  1. So, to find the program means to understand the “logic” of the program.
  2. Acknowledge and Appreciate: Give yourself a break, stop beating yourself up over this. Be thankful that there is a part of you that looks out for your well being, even in the face of tremendous criticism; part of you (the subconscious part) still continues to fight on.
  3. Imagine a desirable outcome: Close your eyes and begin to imagine that part of you is being instructed to change. See the change taking place and feel a sense of gratitude. Imagining what you want is the most critical part of change. Effective visualization is VERY important to the change process. Learn how to meditate, listen to self-hypnosis mp3s, use hypnotherapy, use any means possible to begin visualizing the desired outcome. The key to change is to have something compelling you are drawn to. You need to hold the image of what you are working towards continuously out in front of you.
  4. Practice, Practice, And Practice: We talk to ourselves at over 10,000 words per minute. It is important to understand that in order to begin the process of change, you will need to begin to start new programs and change the old ones that are running. Then, you will need to repeat the vision of your new life repeatedly. If you want to eliminate headaches, you need to imagine life without them, how you will walk, the way you will hold yourself, every aspect of your new life.
  5. Understand / Embrace the Journey of life: Seek knowledge, look for examples of how you want to live, find a mentor or coach, read biographies of people you respect. Share your knowledge with others. Be patient. This is a journey, not a destination. Continue to strive for improvement, not just in this area, but also in others. Create a mission for your life, a purpose. Strive to be happy and feel a sense of love in your life. Search for meaning.


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