We hear a lot about self-esteem. Our experience in life is determined by how we view ourselves and whether or not that view is good or bad. Having strong self esteem can make the difference between being happy or sad, being in physical pain or feeling good, being overweight or fit, being financially comfortable or living in lack. If you feel your self-esteem is low, perhaps it is now time to change that perception.

“Self-esteem is a verb. It something you do, not something you have.  Do the right thing.” ~Scott Sulak

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10 Tips on How to Boost Your Self-Esteem…Today!

1. Establish what your view is now.
2. Trace your steps.
3. Creating a road map.
4. Role models
5. Ship sinkers
6. The Subconscious Mind
7. Affirmations
8. Support
9. Daily rituals
10. The New You.

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